• #1 Organic Crib Mattress
    100% Breathable & Safe

"Best Crib Mattress..."

#1 Organic Crib Mattress
100% Breathable & Safe

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"Best Crib Mattress..."

The Organic Movement!

"DreamCloud is super breathable... I highly recommend it, its especially great for little one's who are tummy sleepers!"

@homeoneast Mom & Influencer

"DreamCloud is such a great mattress. I love this mattress for our son and have peace of mind knowing he is sleeping on it every night!"

@a.manda_oxo Mom & Influencer

“I love the new ComfortSupreme crib mattress!
It not only looks beautiful but it is also
100% washable! My son loves it and
sleeps so well in it!”

Denise in CA mom & Social influencer

“I can't believe how nice it is! It's such an upgrade...The Organic Dream ComfortSupreme mattress is so much more comfortable for her now... She loved it immediately!”

@christeneholderhome mom & influencer

“A must for me as a new
mom was to get a breathable mattress. I knew that it would put my mind at ease to know that Sloane could still breath even if she rolled onto her tummy.”

@thebluesprucedhome mom & influencer

"This mattress is 10X better than every mattress I looked at when doing research. You can literally put your face in the mattress and breathe right through it."

Steve C. Happy Dad & Influencer

"Absolutely loving my DreamCloud crib mattress. Makes the nusrery look incredible and its so safe for my baby!"

Wissali Mom & Influencer

The orignal

ComfortCloud Crib Mattress

  • Breathable

    Featuring a 100% Breathable design, Organic Dream mattresses are highly breathable and reduce the likelihood of your baby getting sweaty or overheated while sleeping.

  • Washable

    Organic Dream ComfortSupreme is 100% Washable from cover to core! All of our covers are easy machine washable for convenience. The core can easily be rinsed in the bath or shower.

  • Superior Sleep

    Organic Dream mattresses are made with premium ingredients to promote healthier, cleaner, and safer infant and toddler sleep - giving you peace of mind as a parent!

  • Made in U.S.A.

    Organic Dream mattresses are proudly made in the United States using organic, sustainable, and superior healthier ingredients.

  • GreenGuard GOLD Certified

    Our mattresses feature the GreenGuard GOLD Certification to promote clean and healthy indoor air. That's right, both you and your baby can breathe easy.

  • 2-Stage Firmness

    Most of our mattresses feature 2-Stage Dual Firmness Design. What on Earth does that mean? Simply put, one side is Firm for infants and the second side is Softer for toddlerhood. Our mattresses grow with your baby!

Features that matter

  • Made and designed in America
  • 100% Organic cotton sleep surfaces
  • 100% Breathable sleeping surfaces
  • Lightweight design for convenience
  • Firmness design for safe infant support
  • Zero VOC's
  • Zero PVC's
  • Zero Harmful Emissions
  • Zero Chemical Flame Retardants
  • Zero Latex
  • Zero Phthalates

The #1 Breathable Crib Mattress

Organic, Breathable, & USA Made Crib Mattress
Trusted Breathable 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

What is Organic Breathability?

A New Level of Superior Safety.
Organic Cotton is breathable, clean, and 100% hypoallergenic in its most natural state.
Cotton is also the #1 Best Material for sensitive skin - which all babies have. It is also free from
pesticides, fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Our organic cotton mattresses have Open Air Channels
creating 100% Pure Breathability for your baby's lungs and a safer sleeping environment.
Organic Breathability™ is designed to reduce suffocation risk.
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